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The Band

indie electro folk rock for human beings

Sidecar Judy was founded in 2015 in Salt Lake City by singer-songwriter Cammi Meitler and composer Randin Graves to bend genres and stir your emotions with unusual musical arrangements and honest songwriting. Their albums Music for Humans and More Music for Humans are available from all the big online retailers. They have dozens of videos on YouTube. And you know what? You’re gonna love them.


Sidecar CammiSinger-songwriter Cammi Meitler hails from the small town of Homedale, Idaho and now splits her time between Salt Lake City, Utah and Chattanooga, Tennessee. Her lyrics are witty and poetic, her song structure is often unusual and she has a healthy disregard for what anybody thinks her music or her voice is supposed to sound like. She has recorded music on her own and with occasional collaborators for a few years, but is now dedicated to stepping it up and bringing her songs to the world with Sidecar Judy.

What you’ll hear from Cammi: lead vocals, acoustic guitar, ukulele, harmonica, percussion and tips on pest control

Cammi’s job title: Executive Director of Lyrical Content and Vocal Expression

Sidecar RandinSan Diego native and current Salt Lake City resident Randin Graves is a composer, guitarist & didgeridooist with a diverse background who spent most of 2014 desperately looking for a new music project to dedicate himself to. In January 2015, he saw an ad Cammi posted on Craigslist just after moving to Salt Lake City and knew he had found it. He produces Sidecar Judy’s recordings and plays most of the instruments. Check out his didgeridoo music HERE and film composition work HERE.

What you’ll hear from Randin: backing vocals, acoustic & electric guitars, ukulele, bass, keyboards & drum programming, percussion, kazoo and stories about living with Australian Aboriginal People

Randin’s job title: Production Manager and Chief of Instrumental Operations


Sidecar JennJenn Stevenson
co-wrote and appears on the song Black and White.
What you’ll hear from Jenn: piano, voices of heavenly bliss and earthly delight
Jenn’s job title: Visiting Vocal Technician

Sidecar KarynKaryn-Cady Garrison
came to our attention as an actress in our Sandy video. Then we found out she plays a bit of guitar and piano. Since we liked having her around, we decided she better play with us.
What you’ll hear from Karyn: keyboard, bass, infectious laughter
Karyn’s job title: Low-End Management, Associate Ivory Tinkler


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Article about us & ‘Better’ on KSL.com

KSL.com published this great article about our band, our experiences with leukemia, and Better, our fundraiser for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Check it out HERE and consider contributing if you haven’t already. Thanks!

Review in SLUG Magazine

It’s safe to say that Sidecar Judy hypnotize with their idiosyncratic approach to indie-folk-electronic music and vocal talent. Whether the songs are all acoustic or fuse in electronic elements and whether the tracks are amiable or despondent, I’d willingly hop in the sidecar and tag along. Check out our review in SLUG Magazine HERE. Thanks, …